Mission Statement and Goals

Mission Statement

The mission of the Summerville Elementary School District is to provide each student with the opportunity to acquire knowledge and skills, an attitude of respect for self and others and a continuing desire for personal growth.

School Goals

School Environment

  • Positive, non-threatening environment with consistent discipline.
  • Students will learn the value of respecting oneself, each other and authority (life skills).
  • Pro-active interventions for at risk students.
  • Strive for optimum class sizes.

Curriculum and Assessment

  • The use of the California State Standards will guide the teaching of the district-adopted curriculum, assessment tools and use of technology in the classroom.
  • Standardized curriculum to ensure readiness of students to meet high school entrance requirements.
  • Students will meet eighth grade proficiency standards for graduation.

Coordination of School District and Community

  • Articulation and coordination of curriculum with other county schools, as well as the State of California.
  • Volunteerism – students volunteering in the community and on campus.
  • Recruit and encourage business and professional interaction with the school district.