Annual Employee Notifications

Summerville Elementary School District is required to provide employees with notification of important policies and regulations. Employees may access specific policies and regulations by clicking on the links below. Employees and members of the public may access all Summerville Elementary Board Policies by visiting the following website:

Summerville Elementary School District Board Governance Website

Any questions about any of the above Board Policies or Regulations should be directed to the Summerville Elementary School District Business Office Staff. 

Notifications Policy

Employee Notifications - Certificated

Employee Notifications - Classified

Employee Notifications - Management

BP 4112.9



Administering Medication and Monitoring Health Conditions BP 5141.21

BP 5131.2

AR 5131.2

Child Abuse Prevention and Reporting BP 5141.4

Probationary/Permanent Status - Certificated

Probationary/Permanent Status - Classified

BP 4116

BP 4216

Complaints Concerning District Employees BP 1312.1
Drug and Alcohol-Free Workplace BP 4020
Employee Use of Technology BP 4040
Environmental Safety BP 3514
Evaluation/Supervision BP 4115
Exposure Control Plan for Bloodborne Pathogens BP 4119.42
Infectious Diseases BP 5141.22
Integrated Pest Management BP 3514.2

Maintaining Appropriate Adult-Student Interactions - Certificated

Maintaining Appropriate Adult-Student Interactions - Classified

Maintaining Appropriate Adult-Student Interactions - Management

BP 4119.24

BP 4219.24

BP 4319.24

Nondiscrimination in District Programs and Activities BP 0410
Nondiscrimination in Employment AR 4030
Oath or Affirmation and Acknowledgment BP 4112.3

Professional Standards

Professional Standards - Certificated

Professional Standards - Classified

Professional Standards - Management

E 4119.21

BP 4119.21

BP 4219.21

BP 4319.21

Sexual Harassment - Certificated

Sexual Harassment - Classified

Sexual Harassment - Management

BP 4119.11

BP 4219.11

BP 4319.11

Suicide Prevention

BP 5141.52

Title IX Sexual Harassment Complaint Procedure - Certificated

Title IX Sexual Harassment Complaint Procedure - Classified

Title IX Sexual Harassment Complaint Procedure - Management

BP 2119.12

BP 4219.12

BP 4319.12

Tobacco Free School BP 3513.3
Universal Precautions AR 4119.43
Uniform Complaint Procedure BP 1312.3