Distance Learning

Teachers are using Google Classroom to coordinate learning at this time.  Posted below are links to help you with this.   Please support your student by remaining in contact with their teacher via Remind or Dojo as well as by encouraging your child to complete assigned work through Google Classroom.


Summerville Elementary Distance Learning Program

For more information about our Distance Learning Program, we encourage you to view this document:  Distance Learning Program.pdf 

Summerville Elementary Distance Learning Grading Policy

For more information about grades during our Distance Learning, please click on this link:  Distance Learning and Grading Policy.pdf 

Google Classroom Tutorial

 An icon for playing a video 

Google Classroom

 Google Class room 

Tuolumne County ELO

 Tuolumne Co ELO


Enrichment Links

 Enrichment Links 

Distance Learning Weekly School Schedule

Check out our Distance Learning weekly school schedule by visiting this link. This schedule is updated weekly to reflect classroom meeting dates, times, and other school-wide events.

Please contact your student's teacher if you have any specific questions about content or work that is being conducted in their classroom during our Distance Learning Session.